Software Expertise You Can Trust

Shaky PC are experts in the design and re-development of software machines. Specialising in the bakery industry, company founder Ian is particularly skilled in the design of industrial bakery systems.

Ian uses his 30 years of vast experience and his supply of equipment from high-end brands such as Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi and Modicon to ensure you get the thorough report and plan of action you deserve.


The Approach

Ian’s passion drives his meticulous attention to detail when creating and improving software systems for bakeries.

“As I’ve been working in this industry for over 30 years, I’ve grown up as software developer. The business as evolved as I have, and as the industry evolves, new challenges arise. I take pride in adhering to these new challenges and helping my clients improve their businesses. When I walk away from the job, I’m satisfied knowing that business is in working order for my clients. I approach the work as a business mentor, someone who can analyse your current systems closely and make improvements depending on your business’ nature. Business mentors are key, so when it comes to client selection we’re choosy. I want to give you the guidance you deserve."