Expert Software Services for Your Industrial Bakery

With specialised skills in programme writing and software development, Shaky Process Control will help make your bakery’s automation system more effective and more efficient.

With 30 years of industry experience under their belts, they can offer you a personalised, comprehensive consultation to identify any risks or areas for improvement in your industrial bakery’s automation system.

From there, the team will use my high-end equipment from trusted industry brands and programme re-writing service to improve your system accordingly.

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01. Services

Shaky PC will take your existing automation system and either dramatically improve it or create new, personalised software to best benefit your business.

Flawless Programmes in Any Language

Company founder Ian’s vast experience in the programming industry has allowed him to obtain skills coding in any language. No matter the language, Shaky PC can evolve your software to be more effective.

Specialist Experience

Though Shaky PC can work with any business to provide software support and improvement, the main specialty is within bakeries. The quality of the automation system in an industrial bakery is integral to the smooth running of the business.

02. About

Shaky PC are experts in the design and re-development of software machines. Specialising in the bakery industry, company founder Ian is particularly skilled in the design of industrial bakery systems.

Ian uses his 30 years of vast experience and his supply of equipment from high-end brands such as Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi and Modicon to ensure you get the thorough report and plan of action you deserve.

03. Contact

To receive a consultation and personalised plan of action for improving your bakery’s automation system, including software re-development and coding services, contact Shaky PC